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TRANSLATOR Business Translations and Software provides professional translation and interpretation services of English and Polish.
We are specialized in the fields of finance, accounting, capital investments, law, information technology and pharmaceutical industry.

In order to receive a precise quotation please send your enquiry along with the documents to be translated to our e-mail address.

Rates charged for translation services are as follows:
1. Translation
    (total quality: well-researched professional     terminology + immaculate style + proofreading)
from Polish to English
or vice versa

    - finance and accounting
    - capital investments
    - legal contracts
    - marketing
    - materials for printing
    - websites

25 EUR / hour
2. Software localization
    - user manuals
    - system interfaces
    - marketing materials
25 EUR / hour
3. Language consulting, proofreading
    of third-party translations, editing work
25 EUR / hour
4. Consecutive interpreting
30 EUR / hour

- Regular/prompt delivery - up to 1500 words per working day.
  The delivery time shall be counted from the next day your documents   are submitted.
- Super express delivery - up to 3000 words per day.
  In circumstances when it is necessary to translate with increased speeds.   In such cases an additional 30% will be charged (not applicable to   long-term Clients).

- For the provided services an official invoice shall be issued and sent   in PDF format to the Outsourcer.
- Payments shall be made by bank transfer or via PayPal.
- Depending upon the type of Client and actual arrangements,
  the payment shall be effected as follows:

  a. long-term Client / translation agency - within 28 days of the invoice date,
  b. recurring Client - within 14 days of the invoice date,
  c. first-time Client - prepayment based on a pro-forma invoice.

- TRANSLATOR BTS hereby undertakes to keep confidential any and   all information and data related to the subject of translation as may   be provided by the Client.
- For all larger orders we will prepare a binding price calculation which shall   be subject to your acceptance before the job is executed.
- Minimum purchase order:
  a. 1000 words of translation,
  b. 4 hours of language consulting, proofreading or editing work
  c. 4 hours of interpretation.
- In case of interpretation/translation involving business trips, the involved   travelling fares, board and lodging expenses and eventual insurance costs   shall be paid or reimbursed by the Outsourcer.