TRANSLATOR - Translation software demos
Wersja polska

Replying to your enquiries, we have prepared the demonstration versions of software for the translation of Polish financial statements. However, these are not full versions, and their only purpose is to familiarize potential Clients with the form and functioning of these applications.

Below there are hyperlinks to
the demonstration versions which may be downloaded. The files have been saved in simple MS Excel format and are entirely safe. Please copy them to your hard disk and open by double clicking the chosen file.

Financial statements according to the Accounting Act (362 KB)

Notice !
In order to ensure proper operation of software, it is necessary to enable macros in Microsoft Excel (menu: Tools/Macro/Security/Middle level) and at each time the application is launched.
All the macros contained in our software are safe and their only purpose is to enable effective functioning of the applications.

In case you have any trouble using the demonstration versions, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or e-mail.