TRANSLATOR - Software for translation of Polish financial reports into English
Wersja polska

The prices of software for translation of the Polish financial reports into English have been calculated with a 50% discount from the regular translation cost.

The offered software packages contain financial statement forms:

1. in accordance with the ACCOUNTING ACT (as amended)      for organizations other than banks and insurers (most commonly used in      Poland):
- balance sheet,
- profit and loss account (comparative and calculation variants),
- statement of shareholders' equity,
- statement of cash flows (direct and indirect methods).

Featured functions:
- language swap (Polish/English) - terminology compliant with IAS / IFRS,
- calculation of subtotals,
- choice of format for presentation of financial data,
- choice of currency (PLN/EUR/USD) for presentation of financial data   at the user defined exchange rate,
- automatic filling of statement dates/periods in the target languages,
- possibility of presenting full/shortened financial statements.

Volume: 16 pages
Regular cost of translation: 200 Euro
Discount ca. 50% - you save 100 Euro !
Graphical design and functions: free !
only 100 Euro !


For the purchased software TRANSLATOR grants a MULTI-USER LICENCE within the company of buyer as a result of which the applications may be used on many workstations.

Should the financial report forms be revised in the coming years, we will ensure a possibility of purchasing necessary upgrades.

In order to make a purchase, please fill out the order form (MS Excel file) and send it back by fax or as an e-mail enclosure.

The execution of order, this is shipment of software and issuance of
a pro-forma / an official invoice, will be carried out within 1 day after receiving the order. The software applications will be delivered via e-mail or on computer discs in protective packaging by first-class registered mail.