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Wersja polska
Dear Sirs,
I am a professional translator of English and
Polish with additional education in economics
(Executive Management Program,
Portland State University, Oregon USA).

I run TRANSLATOR Business
Translations and Software
that specializes in translation
and interpretation of English and Polish
in the fields of finance, accounting,
capital investments, law, IT and
pharmaceutical industry
For 20 years I have consistently provided high quality translation services to demanding institutional Clients, always showing much commitment and due care about the Client's best interest.

Over that time I translated ca. 30,000 pages and interpreted consecutively for ca. 3,000 hours. Furthermore, I gained a lot of experience thanks to working with American university lecturers, financial analysts, consultants in various areas of business as well as advisors to EU institutions.

My customer base includes over 60 public companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, but also firms which were successfully taken over by foreign strategic investors or were undergoing restructuring processes.

My offer includes:
translation and interpretation of English/Polish to order and
software for translation of Polish financial statements into English.

Please take advantage of my skills, expertise and experience. I will appreciate your business.

Best regards,

Darek Joniec,
Translator of English